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Retirement — and semi-retirement — frees up your time for stimulating intellectual experiences and making new friendships with others as motivated as you! Marylanders 50+ are fortunate to have so many local opportunities to explore. It’s never too late to expand your mind and satisfy your sense of wonder!

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It’s never too late to learn new things and put your gained experiences to good use in new or familiar fields. You’ll never know what’s out there until you discover it!


Online Course Help

Swamped by the sheer number of online course opporunities out there and don’t know where or HOW to start? Check out this helpful guide to get you on your way.

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Community College Radar

There are many Community College options to chose from, each with its own benefits, and some with draw backs. Gain accurate background knowledge on the colleges in your area.

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Make a Difference

Do you have legislative ideas aimed to better conditions for your community? Do you have issues that you wish to be brought to light? Consider enrolling in the Legacy Leadership Institute on Public Policy that bridges the needs of local communities with government action.

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Maryland law Education Title 16-106 (Annotated Code of Maryland) provides for tuition waivers at all community colleges (subject to space availability) for any Maryland resident who is 60 years old or older and who enrolls in any class that is eligible for State support. In addition, it is the policy of the University of Maryland System to extend special privileges, where practicable, to senior citizens who are residents of the state of Maryland.

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Take advantage of the many Discounts available that can help you find your next path in life. Lifelong Learning Options can boost your mind and spirit!


Anne Arundel Community College

Seniors ages 55-59 pay $40 tuition per course plus a $40 administrative fee per three-month cycle (cycle fee). Seniors age 60 and older and disabled retirees pay only the $40 cycle fee. All seniors ages 55 and older and disabled retirees must pay for supplies and lab fees.
AACC offers senior adult classes on the main campus in Arnold, at the county senior centers, and other locations..

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Baltimore City Community College

BCCC's Senior Program is called the Savvy Seniors Institute and is a 12 week program for seniors 60 and older.

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Carroll Community College

Maryland residents age 60 or older may enroll without tuition charge for credit courses at Carroll Community College.

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Cecil College

Senior Education Network
60+ classes, general interest classes, co-listed classes and or online classes.
    •$70 per semester for Cecil County residents
    •$80 out of county Maryland residents.
    •$90 out of state residents

Credit Courses
• Tuition waived on approved classes; registration and course fees apply
• Out of State residents pay Out of State Tuition and all applicable fees

On-Line Classes
• Open to residents 60 and over
• Tuition waived for Maryland residents; course fee applies

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Chesapeake College

Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) at Chesapeake College

The IAL is an affiliate of the Elderhostel Institute Network, comprised of over 300 independent community-based organizations of retirement-age people who share a love of learning and a desire for sociability. The Institute offers lifelong learning to senior adults at a reduced cost. By paying membership dues, members are entitled to take as many IAL classes as they choose

Full Membership is $50. Benefits include:
• Enrollment in unlimited courses
• Participation in Brown Bag Luncheons
•Priority participation in IAL-sponsored tours
• Chesapeake College privileges (including library, aquatics center, bookstore, etc.)
• Reduced prices for IAL luncheons, tours and social activities

Associate Membership is $20. Benefits include:
• Participation in Brown Bag Luncheons
• Priority participation in IAL-sponsored tours
• Chesapeake College privileges (including library, aquatics center, bookstore, etc.)
• Reduced prices for IAL luncheons, tours and social activities

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Community College of Baltimore County

Senior Institute
•Continuing education courses, workshops, lectures, and learning vacations especially designed for senior adults. Approximately 800 courses are offered each year at over 50 community-based locations throughout Baltimore County, including retirement communities, assisted living facilities, senior centers, college campuses and extension centers.
•$35.00 Per Semester (includes the cost of three courses per semester)

Adult Learners
• CCBC specializes in educating adult learners! With many different ways to learn, it becomes possible to combine your need to reach educational goals with time for work, family and friends
• Maryland residents 60 years of age or older, or a disabled retiree, are eligible for a tuition waiver for enrollment in CCBC courses. All applicable fees, including a $30.00 course fee, are the responsibility of the student.

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Harford Community College (HCC)

College Week
Housed on the HCC campus, College Week offers a variety of learning opportunities in a special one-week format. Students 60 years old or older pay $69, which includes registration for the entire week and allows one class from each time slot. Join in this popular program for the active adult learner seeking intellectual enrichment.

Senior Adult Courses
Senior focused classes such as computer, driving, history, and literature. Each class has a small payment requirement and are non- credit courses.

Senior Adult Tuition Waiver
Any resident of the State of Maryland who is 60 years of age or older at the time of registration is eligible for a tuition waiver for some noncredit courses. These courses are state-funded and will say "senior adult and disabled retiree tuition waivers apply" in the course description. If the course description contains this statement, senior adults do not pay tuition costs for the course. Course fees, however, must be paid in full. Please note that there is no out-of-county surcharge for senior adults. Out-of-state senior citizens are not eligible for tuition waivers and must pay a $10 residency surcharge.

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Howard Community College

Each day features sessions on arts and humanities topics such as art appreciation, history, music, or philosophy.

The Board of Trustees of Howard Community College has approved a free tuition program for senior citizens and persons with disabilities residing in Howard County and enrolling in credit and noncredit classes in which space is available. This program enables all people 60 years of age and older or with a disability as defined by the Social Security or Railroad Retirement Acts to pursue an associate of arts degree or a certificate of proficiency, participate in college activities, and enroll in noncredit courses. Waiver applies only to tuition, not to fees. All noncredit courses carry a $30 registration fee.

Howard Community College and the Howard County Office on Aging offer courses designed for senior adult students of ages 60 and above.

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Montgomery Community College

The Division of Continuing Education offers scores of classes for the personal enrichment of adults and seniors.

Our special interest classes feature everything from history, film, health and fitness, home improvement, arts and crafts, and fine arts…we also can help you enhance your skills with classes in computer basics, digital photography, defensive driving, and personal finance.

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College of Notre Dame

The Renaissance Institute is an active group of men and women who have reached the age of 50 and are interested in pursuing lifelong learning and intellectual growth.

The Institute offers two 13-week semesters of non-credit courses designed and led by the members themselves.

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Osher Lifelong Learning Inst. - John Hopkins

6740 Alexander Bell Drive
Columbia, MD 21046

Educational and social opportunities for semi-retired and retired individuals.

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Osher Lifelong Learning Inst. - Towson Univ

8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252-0001

The mission of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Towson University is to offer adults age 50 and older opportunities for continued learning, along with programs and activities for social and cultural enrichment. The basic concept of the Institute is that learning is a lifelong process and is enhanced in a congenial atmosphere with like-minded individuals.

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Osher Lifelong Learning Inst. - Univ. of MD

2367 HHP Building
Center on Aging
College Park, MD 20742

OLLI UMD offers a wide variety of lifelong learning opportunities to meet the needs and interests of its diverse membership of adults age 50 and over. Most courses are seminar style to provide knowledgeable instruction and to foster interaction, participation, lively discussion, and meaningful involvement.

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Peabody Institute - John Hopkins

The Adult & Continuing Education Program (ACE) is designed to provide enrichment to adults in the community who seek opportunities to feed the mind, body, and spirit.

We are committed to offering classes that you will find interesting, enriching, and enjoyable.

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Elderhostel is the world's largest educational and travel organization for older adults. For almost two decades, the Peabody Institute has been the site of one of the largest Elderhostel programs in the United States. The weeklong study vacation features topical musical classes and daily performances by Peabody students and faculty. The program is held in the Peabody Inn, a restored Mount Vernon Place townhouse complex on the Peabody Institute Campus

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Prince George’s Community College

SAGE: Seasoned Adults Growing Educationally
Seniors over the age of 60 are eligible to take classes advertised in the SAGE Bulletin and may attend any continuing education sponsored classes which have been approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) without being charged tuition. A $50 registration fee is charged per trimester.

The tuition-exempt status also applies to a Maryland resident who is retired from the workforce (not simply a recipient of Social Security by virtue of disability and/or eligibility through parental benefits)

Classes are tuition free, although students must pay registration fees.

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Wor-Wic Community College

Maryland senior adults, 60 years of age or older, can take most community and continuing education courses at a reduced rate on a space-available basis, but must pay for any required fees and textbooks.

Maryland residents 60 years of age or older at the time of registration who enroll in any continuing education class that has at least 10 regularly enrolled students or is being continued with less than 10, do not have to pay tuition for regular open enrollment courses.

Tuition, not including fees, is waived for Maryland residents who are disabled as defined by the Social Security or Railroad Retirement Act for any course that has at least 10 students or is being continued with less than 10 regularly enrolled students.

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University of Maryland System Senior Waiver

It is the policy of the University of Maryland System to extend special privileges, where practicable, to senior citizens who are residents of the State of Maryland. The term "senior citizen" includes any individual who is sixty years of age or older, who is retired and whose chief income is derived from retirement benefits, and who is not employed full time. Privileges to be extended to such individuals shall include, subject to certain conditions, waiver of tuition for undergraduate and graduate courses, use of the libraries, and such other privileges as individual institutions shall determine.

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